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All motorcycle trailers may affect the towing vehicle, therefore the operator of the towing vehicle is assumed to have proper knowledge and training concerning the proper operation of a towing vehicle to safely tow this trailer.  MC Trailers, LLC, has not trained, nor does it intend to train or instruct the purchaser on safe towing operation.  It is assumed that if the purchaser allows the trailer to be towed, that the towing vehicle operator is trained in its proper operation.  The purchaser, and all operators, hereby assume the risk associated with towing a trailer.

Manufacturer warranties each new product manufactured by us to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from date of delivery to the original purchaser. Warranty starts from the date of sale as long we receive the filled-out warranty card. If we do not receive the warranty card, warranty starts from the ship date of the trailer.

Our obligation under this warranty is to replace, free of charge, at our factory or at the dealer’s place of business, any part proven defective within the time limit of this warranty.

This warranty does not cover: (1) new products which have been operated in excess of rated capacities, (2) misuse or accidents, (3) vehicles which have been altered, modified or repaired in any manner not authorized by our company, (4) second hand or used vehicle. In no way shall the manufacturer be held liable for consequential damages such as rentals of substitute vehicles, loss of profits or other commercial losses. Further, new vehicle tires are warranted by their respective manufacturers and are not warranted by us.

Manufacturer will handle disposition of warranties on all other purchased components such as axles, suspensions, wheels, and other purchased parts in conjunction with their respective manufacturers, and under the terms of their respective warranty policies.

The manufacturer must receive immediate notification of a defect and no allowance will be made for repairs without manufacturer’s prior consent or approval. Manufacturer does not pre-authorize any dealership for warranty work. You must call our warranty service department to receive an authorization number.  If the work performed is not preauthorized with a claim number, it may be deemed void. Defective parts must be returned within thirty (30) days of receipt of replacement parts or you may not be credited for the replacement parts.

This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied by law or otherwise, and there is no warranty of merchantability or fitness of purpose.

Federal regulations require motor vehicle manufacturers to maintain a record of original owners of their equipment.  Our warranty registration fulfills this requirement.  Please make every effort to complete this document and send it in.

Manufacturer reserves the right to modify, without notice, specific designs and specifications as deemed advisable on the trailers described herein without obligation in regards to trailers previously sold.  The manufacturer also reserves the right to discontinue any model or models without obligation in regards to trailers previously sold.  Written warranty covers each trailer. No other warranty expressed or implied is made.  Warranty on tires and brakes through original manufacturer.  All dimensions approximate.

Customer Registration required for warranty and disclaimer acknowledgement.