The open air, the cool breeze, the bright sunlit skies, all the things you get when riding a motorcycle.  It’s hard to describe the feeling when riding a bike, but basically it feels like freedom.  You can park just about anywhere, go on just about any road and see just about anything you want to see with a motorcycle.  How would you like to travel and stay overnight or camp out and have plenty of room for your tent, chairs, food and gear?  You can have that with an MC Trailer!

“In the early 1980’s, I looked for a trailer to pull behind my motorcycle that was light, yet had plenty of room.  I didn’t find one on the market that I liked, so I built my own”, says Gary Knudsen of MC Trailers.  “After I built and used my first trailer, friends of mine wanted one for themselves, so I built a few more.  When the kids demanded more time and I was not able to travel as much as I liked, I postponed my motorcycling to raise my family.”

This is where the first concept of the MC Trailers MCII came about.  It was during the 1980’s when Gary and his wife, Laurie, were heavy into riding and camping.  They traveled all over and pulled their first trailer to Colorado, Wyoming, Wisconsin and South Dakota on various trips racking up hundreds of miles on that first trailer.  Call it a testing period, but the motorcycle trailer that Gary built worked and was durable.

“When the kids got old enough to have bikes of their own, we took even longer trips and the trailer came in handy.  It was easy to use and easy to tow, and with the cooler mounted on the tongue, we could bring along food and beverages for the trip, rather than relying on stops along the way.  Trips to campgrounds and motels are much easier and enjoyable with an MC Trailer and a cooler full of your favorite beverages or food.”

“After using my trailer for several trips and building trailers for my friends, word of mouth spread, so I decided to officially start a company in early 2004.  MC Trailers now builds several units, both standard and custom for anyone who wants to enjoy a longer motorcycle trip. People have hauled golf clubs, brief cases, work clothes and more on their daily commutes as well as gear for longer trips.”

MC Trailers can add options or custom build a trailer to your needs.  Use it for camping or hunting trips, going back and forth to work, shopping or other travels.  Pulling a trailer with your motorcycle is easy with an MC Trailer. 

While MC Trailers stocks a few units, mostly they build to order.  If you want to guarantee delivery of yours, place your order soon.  If you have any question that isn’t answered on our website, feel free to contact us!  We look forward to helping you make your motorcycle trips more enjoyable!

- Gary and Laurie Knudsen, Owners

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